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The smart card is intended to function as an electronic wallet that stores monetary values (as in a debit card).The sales agents could be identified by name or pseudonym to at least create a perception of personal service and build loyalty.When a mobile telephone is situated within a particular cell 520, it transmits to, or receives radio signals from, the base station 510 in that cell 520.

Fashion is driven by the collective desires of the consumers.IRIS Indigo computers, V25 board computers, 8086 compatible micro processors, CRT displays, stereo-imaging systems, magnetic and electromagnetic components, pulleys, steel belt drive trains, VME bus, encoders, potentiometers, motor controllers, encoders, cable reducers.No previous knowledge about a device is needed to enable devices to discover the presence and attributes of nearby devices.FT Europe - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

An object of the present invention is to provide systems and methods that replicate the positive aspects of traditional retail and wholesale commerce in a virtual environment by providing a suite of tools that can be used alone or in combination to promote electronic commerce.The smart card could be, but need not be, part of a card-based payment system.Mediaset S.p.A., also known as Gruppo Mediaset in Italian, is an Italian-based mass media company which is the largest commercial broadcaster in the country.In the currently preferred embodiment, which is a digital cellular phone, the directory is added as one of the available menu choices.A variable redemption rate system can be used to reduce cost to the participant by rebate or discount.Bednarek Original Assignee Bednarek Michael D Export Citation BiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan Patent Citations (5), Non-Patent Citations (1), Referenced by (122), Classifications (13), Legal Events (6) External Links.

Considering then the characteristics of a premier retailer (or wholesaler), one must begin with a commitment to customer service.As will be understood from the following examples, it is possible to create powerful incentives through the use of the system and method of the present invention.The merchant may be periodically billed the accumulated bill value amount where consumer credit values are discounts or rebates from the merchant.The preferably includes information concerning the amount of dollars on deposit, the results (and points), the current redemption rate (exchange rate), the dollar value of the net results determined by applying the current exchange rate and the current balance, which is the sum of the amount on deposit and the dollar value of net results.Merchants within the cellular network (represented by dots in FIG. 6 ) can communicate with the merchant information database either through a direct connection 504 (which could be a phone line, a data line or wireless connection) or through the Global Information Network (GIN) 501, i.e., Internet.System for browsing through a music catalog using correlation metrics of a knowledge base of mediasets US7840570 22 Apr 2005 23 Nov 2010 Strands, Inc.In particular, to the extent that delays in forwarding messages to sales agents are caused by demands on the system, such delays can be reduced through the collective effort of all the sales agents handling incoming messages more efficiently.Simply put, if there is a way for participants to earn points, applying a variable redemption rate for converting points to rewards offers the possibility of structuring enhanced incentives and increasing participant loyalty.The multi-loop delivery system is also used in connection with the delivery couriers but, the system further provides specific instructions at each designated drop-off time for the delivery couriers to ensure maximum efficiency.

If the customer opens a checking and savings account, the customer would be given a 2% rebate.Автор: bedava casino(10.11.2016) Looking around I like to look around the web, regularly I will just go to Stumble Upon and follow thru. Автор:.FIG. 7F shows a front view of a biometric information and identification key according to the present invention.With regard to sales agents, for example, one obvious value proposition is obtaining a commission on sales generated.One of the principal obstacles faced through the use of conventional cell phones, is the speed of data transmission or the cellular network.Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing.

UniMás (stylized as Uni MÁS, and originally known as TeleFutura from its launch on January 14, 2002 until January 7, 2013) is an American Spanish language.User to user recommender US7966319 7 Jun 2007 21 Jun 2011 Red Hat, Inc.

Recently, mass transit systems have adopted smart cards, debit cards and other forms of electronic payment.Consumer or professional rankings gathered and associated with merchant rankings as described above, could be used to categorize merchants so as to allow the system to separate merchants fitting the same general description even further.The participants could belong to a points-based award or rebate program of the types mentioned above and agree to subject their variable redemption rate to adjustment based on utility usage.For example, participant actions resulting in the awards may be performed online or reported over the Global Information Network or Internet.For every five dollars in purchases spent using the card, the customer earned one Penny Point.This encourages the player to play frequently and improves utilization of the underlying gaming system.

With the system of the present invention, it is possible to make such adjustments with great precision.When the outcome of bets is determined, the table processes the results and resets the chip values according to the results of the game.To make it possible to use highly distributed unaffiliated sales agents, it is necessary that the vetailer be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the financial transaction.With the aid of computers, incentive programs have been extended to credit card, debit card, smart card and point of sale incentive programs.#EXTM3U ====MEDIASET PREMIUM==== 1263.ts --------Premium Cinema------- 2099.ts IT: Premium Cinema HD 884.ts IT: Premium Cinema 2 HD 885.ts IT: Premium Cinema 2 +24.Naturally, sending the goods to the common location is only necessary if the customer order comes from more than one vendor.Likewise, there is a fairly strong correlation between the reactions that customer 3 (C 3 ) and customer 17 (C 17 ) have had to various sales agents.It is this type of high volume user that program sponsors find most desirable, however.

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