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The two main sites in question were pokerstars and party poker, but had also played at more than 8 or 9 other main online poker sites during that timeframe before deciding to stop rewarding this current online culture that online poker had morphed into.THIS video proves it as one of the few examples but involving a real poker pro.The super user account that cheated was doing it so blatantly it was a joke.So you can see, I was not nickel and dime wana-be player, I played in stakes that the average none professional would consider extremely challenging on a financial basis.Do You Think Online Poker Is Rigged? - posted in General Poker Forum: Is it feasable? To monitor millions of players and decide who gets the axe on a certian hand and.The person with the bigger stack can be behind in cards and always comes from behind.Just face it. You lost. You either gad a bad run, played bad, got unlucky, or you just plain suck.There has been an ongoing debate for many years about the legitimacy of Poker stars and other online poker networks.Vegas STYLE Wacky Wedding at Casino du Lac-Leamy!. Three poker tournaments, four days of fun. Also to discover. The Zone. Newer and nicer than ever.

If they can make a living play live, and they tell you that it is near impossible to do the same online or have the same result.All you shitty players going on and on about how it is rigged.I told i will give one more example one more proof. and so i do. believe it or not.I no longer deposit, but only play the free tourneys now and have notice I an getting even crapier cards for months.

The bigger donkey the bigger the pots wich means bigger rakes for the site.Is online poker rigged?. With software like PokerTracker now available in New Jersey, as well as the various New Jersey online poker forums,.Somebody said earlier that if your EV line is down below your profit line THOROUGHOUT 10,000 hands then something is wrong.

Forum; User Account Sign. Is online poker rigged?. So maybe the next time you call out an online poker site for being rigged, start by making sure your gameplay.I got in ahead with margin at least 100 times today (I multi up to 10 tables) and lost every single one.I have some of the best stats in the entire world for sngs at all stakes.Though full-tilt has been a favorite site, I have consistently noticed irregularities in probability outcome, which reminded me of the comments above (re, the site increasing.

I know this Veteran player plays poker many years for a living before the internet.

He was never, and I mean never, paying off a made hand and always reraised bluffs. Always. The goddamn monkey called a turn allin bluff with 10 high on a 4KK7 board (bluffer had 9 high and a hearts draw), talk about obviously knowing your opponents cards.Is PokerStars a Scam or Legit. I play live poker at a high level winning thousands and I will never put another penny into online poker. It's a scam and it's rigged.

Is online poker rigged?. Those players complain in forums that poker room XY is rigged and that this is simply a trick of the poker room in order to make them.Yet there is all these people claiming online casinos are fair.I guess there stealing as much as they can while they still can.The reality is, as with any fad, everyone wants to play but not everyone has the skill set.The reason for this is the amount of unrealistic hands I have been involved in.He wanted to tell me that i can do what i want and they wont allow me to win. and thats the third proof.Why would you want to let that idiot win, when he wants to lose to your AA or other monsterhand.But then again ENRON was a profitable company and that did not stop them from turning it into a gigantic scam because they wanted MORE.

I will easily prove to you that pokerstars is not rigged and impossible to rig.The added benefit of playing from home on my own hours further encouraged me to look back into online play.These hands happened over the space of about 3 hours, I had a couple of decent hands that got me a few chips, nothing huge though and did my usual bluffing when the time was right.

Sure you may think that that was just bad luck, yet I see big pocket pairs up against each other way more often online than offline, at LEAST 4-5x more often.PokerStars Offers One of the Best Customer Support Structures in the Business. Get 24/7 Help with All Your Online Poker Issues Now. Find out more information.Always play your 2 worst cards and bet like a complete idiot and re-raise one any bets and you will end up a winner.I can say one thing: cheating may very well be going on and no one would be the wiser.I could even prove with other example where something mathematically most unlikely happened.

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