Hw-module slot command

Displays redundancy information for the active and standby RPs.The following example changes the TL-Min time from 30 microseconds to 100 microseconds on a Cisco 7500 series router.The following example shows how to set the rate limit for the IPv6.Reserved for future assignment by the FDDI standards committee.Restarts the line card and shuts off the OIR LED, putting the hardware back online.You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

Line cards, MSCs, and PCI port adapter carrier cards are automatically initialized after being inserted or after a system bootup.When you apply this command to a module, the port LEDs on the module will glow green and simulate a link-up condition.Shuts down a port on an Ethernet hub of a Cisco 2505 or Cisco 2507 router.Specifies the facility alarm for the environmental monitor temperature.The following example shows how to enable GTP and configure parameters of an access point.

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If you change the full-duplex configuration (for example, from disabled to enabled) on supported interfaces, the interface resets.Second-generation Versatile Interface Processors (VIP2s) in Cisco 7500 series routers.

The following example shows how to change the transmission timer interval to 3000 microseconds.RFC 1042, Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams Over IEEE 802 Networks.If the software finds a duplicate address, it will shut down the interface.Specifies the slot, and if applicable, the sub slot number for the module.Temperature thresholds for each alarm type and location are automatically set based on determined values that vary depending on the number and type of boards inserted in the chassis.The following example sets the framing for the CT3IP to C-bit.

This command was introduced on the Cisco ASR 920 Routers and Cisco NCS 4200 Series.power Enable/disable power to module in specified slot. Switch(config)#hw-module module 3 ?. Then I use the command hw-module module 5 port-group 2 select.Users have to configure a facility alarm command to enable monitoring of the failure conditions.Selects and configures the internal interface for management traffic on a Cisco WebEx Node SPA.To open a console session to access the Cisco WebEx Node SPA console, use the hw-module subslot service-engine session command in privileged EXEC mode.

Trove has multiple slash commands which allow players to change their game settings,. Command Alias Description Syntax /loc. /clearcornerstone <slot number>.To prevent the Cisco 7600 series routers from coming online without a.To set the drop counter time-stamp and peak-utilization poll time in.This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.2(11)YT and implemented on the following platforms for E3: Cisco 2650XM, Cisco 2651XM, Cisco 2691, Cisco 3660 series, Cisco 3725, and Cisco 3745 routers.Cisco Product Catalog for hardware compatibility information and for specific model numbers of port adapters.This example shows changing to constant-carrier operation from controlled-carrier mode.Enter the show logging onboard slot slot status privileged EXEC or diagnostic command to see if onboard logging is enabled or disabled for the hardware in a particular slot.Reset is performed on the hardware module selected using slot or subslot options.The following example shows how to set the energywise level at full on an SM in slot 1.

When you insert or power on the first Switch Fabric Module, the modules.Constant-carrier mode, where Data Carrier Detect (DCD) is held constant and asserted by the DCE half-duplex interface.Reenables the display of EXEC and MOTD banners on the specified line or lines.This example shows changing to controlled-carrier mode from the default of constant-carrier operation.To disable a shared port adapter (SPA) with or without power, and save.

The following example shows how to set an input value in an interface.The following example shows how to enable ODU reporting for OCI.If you remove and then reinsert the hardware, the hardware restarts without this command.To configure the Trail Trace Identifier (TTI) level for an Optical.

If the subcard is not given, the full-width card in the selected slot is reset.Determine which SFP is installed in your Cisco line. we may use a great command that gives us a very detailed. c7609#sh hw-module subslot 9/0 transceiver 0.Displays statistics for all interfaces configured on the router or access server.Pause frames are special packets that signal a source to stop sending frames for a specific period of time because the buffers are full.This example shows how to reload the module in slot 3 using an image downloaded through EOBC.

The following example configures an SDLC interface for half-duplex mode.Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference 2 show hw-module slot tech-support through show interfaces vg-anylan. show hw-module slot tech-support.While the station performs the full-duplex autoconfiguration protocol, the station continues to provide data-link services to its users.

To request a restart pulse when Automatic Laser Shutdown (ALS) restart mode is configured as manual, use the h w-module interface TenGigabitEthernet als restart command in Privileged EXEC mode.Cisco UCS E-Series Servers and the SM E-Series NCE, the subslot number is 0.You will get the following error messages if you try to use the.To enable various switching modes in the presence of two or more.Commands that are identical to those documented in the Cisco IOS software.Use this command to recover from a transient FDDI ring error by setting a longer transmission timer interval.

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