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Analysis and Algorithm Devlopment for Non-Uniform Pulse Designs in Synthetic Aperture Radar Project.A kit using inherently flame resistant components designed for enhance visual camouflage concealment.Passive Electrical Connector M-Series Connector MK-3C5-051-235-2900-ZQX.The cable consists of commercially available wire and connector to test fiber optic circuit cards.Inspection reports, Non Conformance reports Program Delivery Schedules, Configuration Status etc.

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) system, subsystems, components, parts, accessories, software and related technical data.Flight data acquisition system for acquiring parameters like Airspeed, Altitude, Normal Load, etc.

USML XII(e) USML XII(f) ECCN 6a992.a.2.a.2 ECCN 6A002.a.2.b.1.Pistol, rifle, helmet, bicycle, or rail mounted battery operated flashlight.Test equipment used to simulate recoil for purposes of testing firearm accessories.NLO crystal that transforms light into deep ultraviolet wavelengths for use in solid-state lasers.

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Optical device made from three mutually orthogonal flat mirrors, bonded to create a perfect reflecto.Thermoformed Static dissipative 4-Cavity Stackable Tray 18M-1220-DISS.Brg, Spherical-Self Aligning CH-47, C, D, F, SD 114CS116-1 3120007880316.Exelis Night Vision and Tactical Communications Systems (NVTCS) formerly ITT Night Vision.

Dielectric Resonator Filter Dual 1090MHz filter CER-00002 Ceramic Product Line.Space Qualified Microwave Assemblies operating equal to or less than 31 GHz.Tasking for Imagery Geospatial Exploitation and Reporting (TIGER).Radio frequency modulation test software for Tektronix oscilloscope.Jet pumps specfific to military applications USML VIII(H) Jet Pumps specific to civil applications Contact DOC for CCATS.Low-profile Picatinny top rail for scope and accessory mounting.S-92 cabin subassembly as improved and used on the CH-148 helicopter.Data converter to be used to convert data from the Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN) system.

Raytheon Thermoplastic Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymer Raw Material.Electrochemical device that directly converts the energy available in liquid fuel into electricity.Protective Outer Garment (POG) XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL 304-000701-00(1-6).Alticam Vision C-EO family of camera gimbals C-EO 049EO1 0499EO1.Tektronix Portable Spectrum Analyzer SA2600 without Option SC1.Prevent vehicle entry into commercial, government and military compounds.Contact the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of International Programs.Cockpit monitor display incorporated into primary flight display and multifunction display.

Pro Strips Rapid Screening System Multiple Biothreat Detection PS-5T.Current Limiting Fuse ETN-6796A and ETN 7750 114817A00 and 117288A00 Mersen Cat No LF5H400RD.Drug-filled BinaJect platform labeled as ATNAA FPM1 6505013627427.

Belarus Optical Mechanical Association (BelOMO), Vavilov Plant, Minsk.Enclosure part used in manufacturing electrical junction boxes.JANS2N2222A NPN Silicon Switching Transistor 100 K (Si) - 300 K (Si) JANS2N2222A.Resin to bind substrates such as glass fiber and electronic laminates.BLAZE is a software package for construction of high-order complex physics models and analysis.

Bundled cable consisting of various cable components (i.e., primary conductors and coax cables).Microwave Assemblies and Passive Microwave Components A20-MH166,A15-ML088,A25-MH243A A90-MX002, A90-MX002 (comp.).Eaton (UK) designs and manufactures the pump to GE Aviation Specifications.Tyco Fire Protection Products, Marinette, WI., sold under brand names: ANSUL and PYRO-CHEM.Night Vision Imaging System Lighting modification of aircraft cockpits for NVIS compatibility.

To sort by multiple columns simultaneously hold down the shift key and click a second column header.Sunday, October 09 2016. Weekly Report. Expired Patents. Inventors: vila Zaragoza; Matias Antonio (Pamplona-Navarra, ES), Corrales Izquierdo; Fernando Jose (Pamplona.Intended use is to cover up glad-hands when glad-hands are not in use.Consulting, survey, assessment, assembly, integration, config., maintenance, and support related to ISIS.Special Gages used to measure military aircraft engine components.Airborne telephone dialer and text message with night-vision compatible LEDs and screen.Silicon piezo-resistive pressure transducer with internal signal conditioner.A planar Luneburg lens with a flat focal surface that operates at infrared wavelengths.

Microwave Transistor, General Purpose, S-Band Common Source, Class AB Pulsed Power.RamHead SATCOM Antenna, and all specifically designed components thereof.KISS closed circuit rebreather for recreational scuba diving Classic KISS Rebreather Kit.USML XV(e) Associated technical data is controlled under USML XV(f).Items to improve stowage and inventory management of damage control equipment onboard ships.Prototypes Mark I and Mark II based on novel technology of explosive detection.Projectile Rocket Ordnance Designa and Analysis Software (PRODAS) Version 3.5.Biometric identity management solution configured for military customers.

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